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Chronic heart failure is a widespread disease that hardly anyone knows they have. The heart is less efficient, you feel tired and suffer from shortness of breath. One possible cause is high blood pressure. High blood pressure can weaken the heart over a long period of time. Because the permanent pressure thickens the heart muscle. One speaks of cardiac muscle hypertrophy, in which the heart increases in weight and size.

However, this does not make it more powerful. Rather the opposite is the case. The heart usually gets weaker as it grows due to high blood pressure In order to pump the blood with enough force into the small or large circulation, pressure is built up by the heart muscles. The optimal pressure is 120 mmHg in the large circuit and 80 mmHg in the small circuit. That is why the blood pressure is always given in two values.

Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on your health. It is important to increase the small signals that the body sends us.