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MBP 300

One of our latest developments in the non-Invaisve blood pressure measurement sector is the MBP 300. The MBP 300 is a 24h patient telemonitoring system. 

* All images shown are for presentation purposes only. The products are not available for purchase. As soon as we have approval for the products as medical devices, they will be available in the future online shop.

This product takes 24-hour surveillance to a whole new level. Patients can be monitored completely painlessly without a cuff and without annoying patient cables. 

The MBP 300 works like a patch, thats is sticked on the upper body.

The sensor connected to the patch measures the following vital signs:

- blood pressure


- oxygen saturation

- heart rate

- pulse wave velocity


- and much more...

  • The MBP 300 works with Real Time Measurement and short measuremnt intervals. It is a single-lead ECG. The measured datas are displayed on the MBP 300 screenstation.